As We Grow EP

by Fingers Crossed

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Fingers Crossed - As We Grow EP.
made possible by MIND RECORDS
special thanks to SEX ROBOT RECORDS
7" available in 2 colors online and on tour.


released November 11, 2011




all rights reserved


Fingers Crossed Houston

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Track Name: As We Grow
As We Grow

I don’t wanna drive home
‘cause I don’t wanna be alone
don’t want thoughts to rewind
balance my fragile state of mind
you always had the words to make
what seemed the worst just disappear
replaced by fantasy of us as we grow
older, wiser, greyer, kinder, oh
and then we die - but that’s not the end
the earth will eat our skin, replaced
by flower petals plucked to tell
who loved and loved not
Track Name: All My Exe's Live In Sweatpants
All My Ex’s Live in Sweatpants

It’s more than just a sweat shirt
more than a t-shirt collection
I don’t expect you to understand
every tank top tells a story
of late nights spent chasing glory
that’s something you just don’t
understand. I’m not sorry, I’m still hurting
so before you go take off all my clothes
I won’t lose another memory to a girl
that’s walking out on me. I know that
you’re leaving but I just can’t focus
when you’re wearing all of my feelings
our love just shrank like cotton in the wash
the color fades, the printing cracks,
the collar tears, no turning back
you asked to leave, but my T-shirts stay.
Track Name: Konstant Boner
Konstant Boner

I’m looking for mrs.right.
but it’s looking like I’ve lost this fight
dear mystery girl please don’t be crazy
I’m tired of all the insane chicks i’ve met lately.
where’s all the good girls all covered in
tattoos? all the black framed glasses and
preference for T-shirt weather?
where’s all the good girls all covered in
tattoos? all the black framed glasses and
preference for Christmas sweaters?
I know she’s out there. She could be you.
Track Name: When I See Lightning
When I see lightning

Press on my eyes and I see lightning
it’s brightly colored, am I trippin?
but how can that be? Seven years
of my life spelled sXe – Release
and the colors all fade. rewired my heart
away from my face so you can’t tell
how I’m feeling these days – can’t tell
that my feelings have changed
ok, so I’m a little vague, I miss my
best friend, I’m missin’ those days.
cut open from the backs of my knees
to my shoulder blades - pinch my nerves
make tea cups and saucers from my
rib cage and vertebrae.