Dedos Crusados

by Fingers Crossed

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Joseph Murphy
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Joseph Murphy A Classic pop punk work of man this takes me back to middle school/high school but with a college mentality Favorite track: Voice Of Reason.
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Raymon I have no doubt that if these guys were from New England instead of Texas they would they would have blown up already. This combination of great easycore with heartfelt lyrics puts this on heavy rotation on my iTouch. Favorite track: Away From You.
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released January 1, 2013



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Fingers Crossed Houston

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Track Name: These Kids Are Weird
I wore holes in the bottom of my shoes.
Two pairs later, who cares?
Maybe we’re drowning. Maybe were not.
No one’s counting on us to drop.
I’m not tired of sleeping in.
These kids sure are weird.
Track Name: Away From You
I can’t forget when we took the wrong exit, an hour north but 17
from Texas. Just the Ozarks banks in all directions.
We all screamed as we crossed that bridge, so much adventure for just us kids.
You lash my skin and smash my heart ‘cause I’ve gone too far away.
Away from you, away from all your fucking judgments.
You’re not sober enough to ever see how much you never loved us.

It’s not a matter of fear I’m just fucking bored.
It’s always raining in Detroit.
Time zone’s change with the highway lanes.
You never once were proud of me.
All you could do was call to say “go to hell I don’t want you at home anyway”.

These wheels keep spinning like the thoughts in my head.
The gas gauge mimes my moods, the ups and
downs are back again. I’ll never stop this dream machine except to stretch my legs.
I’ll keep on breaking your heart, to like to way I choose to live.
Track Name: Turqoise
Turquoise, you’ve been at the bottom of that river for so long,
breaking down your faces so when you come out you’ll look brand new.
With every little bump and scratch,
the ebb and flow, your make up bag.
Don’t cover up the truth you hold,
the real you is such a jagged stone.

You think your shine will make me love you,
but your polish has no value.
You’re just a green lump of earth, through and through.
I prefer the hazy and the grey,
the rocks whose insides have the most to say.
Their crystals glow like you never could.
You never could.
Track Name: Voice Of Reason
I’m turning to my voice of reason.
I lean in hesitant.
Wait, think about what you’re doing.
It speaks to me, my voice of reason.

I’ve had enough with these steering wheel bruises.
And I’d like to admit how I feel, but I’m nervous.
Choking and choking and choking.
Who’ll make the first move, you or me?

Those brown eyes still glisten.
Speak your mind, I’ll listen.
Wait, think about what you’re saying.
Confusing as it is, it never changes.
Track Name: It Won't Stick To The Walls
It won’t stick to the walls.
How many times do you have to hurt someone,
before you realize what they’re worth?
Best friends and past events I cant let go,
you’ll take advantage of the situation;
I give you some, you ask for more,
and it won’t. It won’t stick to the walls.

We had trust and appreciation,
now you’re so mad and I’m so wrong.
Debt, fraud, and manipulation.
Why me when all I had was love for you, and all your needs,
now I’m stuck between a rock and this
hard place that we both lease.
Oh, I wanted to tell your ass to go and be by yourself,
with all your angry jealous ghosts
but they won’t stick to the walls.
Track Name: Coincident Lines
we are coincident lines;
thinking the same at the same time.
And we are just fine;
our problems will be infinitely satisfied.

Just noise, plots on the graph,
and you are the inverse, trying to hold me back,
but you can’t hold me back.

We are coincident lines;
I live by the X don’t ever ask Y.
cause I am just fine,
I chose to travel all my life down this straight line.

We are coincident lines,
planes in space that shift and collide.
The product of good times
breaking rules and spending our lives side by side
Track Name: Tree Of Life
You should know,
your relatives are slime.
Somehow you evolved,
your body not your mind.
Who’d of thought the bark was so thick on the tree of life.
While i'm branching out you’re bitching ‘bout intelligent design.

Who’s involved in lying to a child?
You can’t fool them all,
some see beyond your saviors’ profile.
Track Name: Nightmare
So I’ve been worshipping Satan,
and praying to the ground.
I’ve been having this nightmare day in and day out.
So I peeked under the bed,
red eyes stared back and I smelled death,
and I held my breath.
That’s when that demon said,

“Give yourself to me, or I’ll make you endless.”
“Give yourself to me, or I’ll eat your best friend.”

And I wanted to resist,
I cried, I shook, I slit my wrists,
but still I heard that voice.
It took control, I had no choice.

So I forfeit my soul,
traded my charm, my smile, my all.
Just to know if I could make you...

Give yourself to me, or I’ll make you endless,
give yourself to me, or I’ll eat your best friend.
Track Name: Raft
You wanted to know something about me,
but you don’t know what you’re asking.
I unzipped my mind so come take a walk inside.

Lets all Latinize our last names,
and dedicate our lives to science.
Discover that all good poets,
we’re just talented liars.

I’m going down, a holy vessel for a raft.
I’m going down, but I was fine until you asked.

"Andrew, why are you so depressed?"
I hate the world, I hate myself.
I chew the callouses inside my cheeks
‘cause that taste is like heaven to me.

You wanted to know, but you don’t know.
You wanted to know, but you don’t.
Track Name: 100,000 MG
Draw me a picture of paradise.
Show a glowing amber sunrise.
It seems so far away in your eyes,
but you won’t split the blinds and look outside.

One day they’ll drag me to the doctor to get diagnosed,
so I’ll know I’m sick too.
Give me 100,000 mg of Lithium until my head implodes.
Like you’re crushing stones.
You’re so miserable.
So I ask myself:
“Why am I like you? So fucking negative.”

Focus on what’s real, that sunrise is right outside.
You get the best of yourself.
Lock all the doors to keep yourself from getting help
with this disease, it’s contagious
and it’s spread to me.
Track Name: Wallet Chain
If I had more dollars and cents,
I’d have more doll hairs but not more sense.
Can the bank turn all my spare change
into enlightenment and happiness?

I’m gonna change the way I see the world.
I’m gonna focus on that smile
and not how thin I keep my billfold.
I’ll lie back in that pine box, relax and cross my hands,
force a somber pleasant smile
and I’ll just wait until it ends.

There’s no armored car behind your funeral procession.
Will to us all of your ambitions
because I don’t want your possessions.
Leave me behind something I can cherish.
I don’t want your cars or cash,
not your watches or your land.
Track Name: Welcome To Mexico
I stand underneath the lights.
My best friend he tells me it’s all right.
I see the sun come through the window;
I wish I had a longer cable,
to feel the heat, coming in between the blinds.

And I think; “how much gas is in my tank?
Enough to head south, cross the entire lone star state?
Catch a real life armadillo;
make a home out of a pueblo?
Over all mother earths rivers and mans imaginary lines?”
maybe then, I’d feel all right.

On my way out of control I saw a sign, it said:
“Welcome to Mexico”
But don’t get me wrong,
I’ve been cruising around for so long.

I tread water deep up to my thighs,
its cold as ice, but today I don’t mind.
I feel the panic of my life chasing the joy of my good time;
I wish amnesia was something you could buy.

And I think: “how much gas is in my tank?
Enough to head south towards Paracho,
pick up a Quattro on the way?
Catch a real life Chupacabra,
make my way towards the jungle,
over all mother earths rivers and mans imaginary lines”

Maybe then I’d feel alright.