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There's a snake inside my head - his god damn voice inside is telling me it's time to sin again - There's an apple hanging from a tree - another voice outside that’s begging me to eat - But I'm still full - from indulging in myself - the bitter taste of blood still burning in my mouth - The apple tree should be felled - I'll carve a walking stick and climb my way outta hell.
I can make excuses on my own - I don’t need you - I can create evil by myself - I don’t need help.
So who am I - and what have I done - Am I their death if they seek too closely - am I all things to everyone - At all times - And in all places - I am the mask of apathy and indifference upon their faces - I'd like to change - make more of myself -But in the end what's more important - The gates of heaven or depth of hell - I'll flip a coin - I've been a man of luck -It's in my nature to turn the other cheek - I never gave a fuck - it's been a blessing - its been a curse -lets make a list of all our regrets - I guarantee I'll finish first.
I think at times my mind can get to heavy - One day the earth will be consumed - God damn now that I'd like to see.


from Joy of All Who Sorrow, released March 9, 2015



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